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Week 8 Breakdown: Asset Texturing – Part 1

Using Quixel. So after reading and understanding the techniques and processes of Quixel Suite, this week is dedicated in testing and adapting to the new software. Since Quixel allows me to colour code ID maps (check Documentation for more), I […]

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Week 7 Breakdown: Asset Modelling – Part 3

Another week, another bunch of assets modelled and unwrapped. However during this week, more time was put towards the other projects in preparation for group work and other content. I still managed to reach the weekly target of 8 assets. […]

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Week 6 Breakdown: Asset Modelling – Part 2

Week 6 has brought more asset building as this is one of the main things that need to be fulfilled throughout the course of the project. I aim targeting to have at least 50 assets ready to place into the […]

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Week 5 Breakdown: Asset Modelling – Part 1

Week 5 starts off with dedicated modelling of assets that will be textured and placed in the environment, in the engine. Since assets are typically small and placed no larger than the environment, I can scale them in the engine […]

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