Developer: Jordan Stapleton

Based In: Essex, UK

Experience: 3 Years

Press can request a copy of the game, just email me at

Home: 01268457768

Mobile: 07462148666


64 Eldeland




Twitter: @GTAJJ_JJ STUDIOS is a games studio, founded by Jordan Stapleton and they make games, starting off with the first launch – SITUATION.

Founded: 4th June 2016


Jordan has always had a passion for games adopted from an early age starting as early as four years old on the Sega Megadrive, growing up around generations of game designs and mechanics and hoped to one day to develop them, going through educational stepping stones in Art, Graphics and IT, furthering his path into Games Design at College and University. He now has founded a studio – JJ STUDIOS and is developing games to come. His main passion is to understand games and their mechanics, how to push the boundaries and further the design to the player. Using his knowledge from years of gaming to mould an era of new game design.

Press can request a copy of the game, email me at
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Company Title: JJ STUDIOS


Released: 5th May 2017 


SITUATION evolves around the player setting out to realistic terrorist scenarios, to neutralise the enemy and save the hostages. In a 3D environment, the player explores the areas to assess the areas and make sure the area is clear of hostiles.




Jordan Stapleton
Founder & Lead Developer