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Week 5 Breakdown: Asset Modelling – Part 1

Week 5 starts off with dedicated modelling of assets that will be textured and placed in the environment, in the engine. Since assets are typically small and placed no larger than the environment, I can scale them in the engine […]

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Week 4 Breakdown: Mapping Out the Plane

For this week, the plane environment sketches have been developed to accommodate the third level of the game. The plane environment consists of: Cargo Hold Walkway/Office Second Class First Class Kitchen Cockpit All these areas will be explored during the course […]

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Week 3 Breakdown: Mapping Out the Train

The third week of the project revolves around building the second of the three environments – the passenger train. Since the blocking of this environment is too simple for the week, I dove straight in and free modelled (using references from […]

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Week 2 Breakdown: Mapping Out the Aircraft Carrier

Continuing from last weeks process, I have started to fully block out the Aircraft Carrier outside and inside. This is the week’s main task, to scale and proportion the level in accordance with the player model. As seen below, original […]

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Week 1 Breakdown: Planning the Environments

Just before the designing process, I would have to decide what locations should be selected to be used as part of the experience of Project Cypher. For the first environment, the player will be using a naval aircraft carrier to insert and deploy […]

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Situation is Underway

Today is officially announced by JJ Studios as the starting date of developing the game only known as SITUATION. This project will last throughout the course of 10 months to evolve into the final representation. This project is based of a […]

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