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Final Renders

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Development Evaulation

Development Evaluation I will be evaluating the project, how the product turned out and finalised, how I personally performed, and any difficulties that I have come across. I have also written an evaluation for SITUATION project itself which can be viewed […]

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SITUATION Evaulation

What is the product? SITUATION is a selection of maps that flow in the exact same way that it might if it were a game, but it is just environmental design for a game. If there is any extra time, I […]

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ID Maps

Create a single mesh object. If there is multiple objects, Mesh > Combine. Duplicate the object, move it to the side, Freeze Transformations/Delete History. Select areas of the mesh and assign them different colours depending on each texture needed. Go […]

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Creating a Cave

Create a pipe of divisions of 30 by 30. Delete History/Freeze Transformations. UV Map. Cylindrical mapping. Stitch the internal of the cave as it’s important. Send to Autodesk Mudbox.Shift + D to Level 3 Sculpt  – Wax/Sculpt/Lower the polys Send […]

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Researching: Texture Techniques

To fully understand Quixel and how to create a smooth and fast workflow when operating it, following a few tutorials, and exploring each part of the software is needed. I started off with follow the basics of texture editing on […]

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