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User Feedback

After the development of the project, I created a survey for my peers, as well as others, to fill out and respond their thoughts and feelings of the overall product.This will outline what others thought about the product, what they feel is positive and negative, and then  I can go back and improve the product based on the feedback provided. Overall, the feedback received was mixed, ranging from average ratings (out of 10) on both the environmental layout, lighting and the textures and features included. The participant has the option to add their own input to the ratings, so they can explain why in more detail. This made the feedback information very useful for me as it allows me to make the necessary changes based on the responses given.

Some other responses were with regards to the lighting, which was considered to be a little too dark in places and weren’t baked (at the time of survey).  The main criticism I got from the testers was that the mechanics weren’t implemented enough but since the project is environmental based and not a game, everything I pitched was met positively.