What is the product?

SITUATION is a selection of maps that flow in the exact same way that it might if it were a game, but it is just environmental design for a game. If there is any extra time, I can add mechanics to the environments to show how these environments would fit into a game.


Strengths of the Product

SITUATION had its Pros and Cons, but I believe that it went quite smoothly. The models located within the environments vary in texture quality, but overall they are relatively good. The texture quality throughout each environment changes too, but I feel there is standard in the quality of assets and environmental design. In terms of the flow between environments, I wanted the Aircraft Carrier to be the main base where the player can flow to each part of the map through riggers and loading screens.

Since my project is focused being around environments and not actually a game, the way it plays is not important to the marker. The frame rate is fine across the whole game, even during restarting mission on the train, there were issues revolving around the tripod lights, causing a lag spike but was fixed with a collision box. The main menu and loading screen sections are two that I am very satisfied with as I feel they are super polished. The main menu has a camera heads towards the main menu screen which looks more interesting than just clicking play on a static menu canvas.

Animating the NPCs and environmental features is another positive in my book when judging the overall product.

The creation of 100 assets helped a lot as it filled out the environments instead of have empty rooms everywhere, which made no sense. The temporary environments, the Trainyard turned out to be one of my best environments in my opinion with textures used from both Quixel and Substance Painter.


Weaknesses of the Product

The main issue that I have on the final product is that the textures aren’t great in certain area, ideally the plane environment, the textures applied to them did not look that great, on assets, you can get away with textures looking mediocre as the texture will be typically too small to view in detail.

Time loss on lack of knowledge of software, was one of the main weaknesses for the product and the time that went into it, felt wasted when I could have spent the same amount of time with a better outcome if I were to use another software, so at the current moment, there are most definitely room for improvements. If I had more time, with this project, I would have changed the whole textures of the assets which would have improved a lot of things, but this is something that I have now learnt and can apply to future projects. The flow between the levels is okay but there are some environments which are simply much more appealing than others in the the terms of texture and level design.


User Feedback

After the development of the project, I created a survey for my peers, as well as others, to fill out and respond their thoughts and feelings of the overall product.This will outline what others thought about the product, what they feel is positive and negative, and then  I can go back and improve the product based on the feedback provided. Overall, the feedback received was mixed, ranging from average ratings (out of 10) on both the environmental layout, lighting and the textures and features included. The participant has the option to add their own input to the ratings, so they can explain why in more detail. This made the feedback information very useful for me as it allows me to make the necessary changes based on the responses given.

Some other responses were with regards to the lighting, which was considered to be a little too dark in places and weren’t baked (at the time of survey).  The main criticism I got from the testers was that the mechanics weren’t implemented enough but since the project is environmental based and not a game, everything I pitched was met positively.


Overall Conclusion

Overall, I am pleased with the product and how it turned out. The main menu is very good in terms of how the player can navigate through it and the way the camera moves to the screen with the animations playing in the background. Whilst I am not creating a game, I wanted the environments to be played out like a game, adding in a few mechanics, animations HUD, character model and loading screens, in terms of how they connect, and I do believe that I emitted the illusion of the game very well to my environments.