Now that I have built the bunch of assets from last week, I can now start building the environment in the Unity game engine. From playing over 300 games, I am well familiar with how games levels work and their boundaries around the edge of the map and how they continue on to give an illusion of an ongoing world out of bounds. This stops levels being blocked off by direct opaque walls around the edge of the map. I applied this knowledge around the side edges of the map where there are wire fences; beyond the wire fences, the player will be able to still see beyond the barrier, therefore I created an out of bounds area of the trainyard mud sections and the road area underneath the flyover where I hope to add moving trucks or cars. This hopefully will create a moving environment where animated objects would move around the world, making it feel more realistic and lively.


Trainyard Area


The walls were modelled perfectly and fit into each other really well the brick lines and cracks of the concrete match up together.