Create a pipe of divisions of 30 by 30.

Delete History/Freeze Transformations.

UV Map. Cylindrical mapping.

Stitch the internal of the cave as it’s important.

Send to Autodesk Mudbox.Shift + D to Level 3

Sculpt  – Wax/Sculpt/Lower the polys

Send back to Maya and update the scene.

Go to Maya and Auto Map

Select the Inner Edges, then Move and stitch them

Go to Mesh > Cleanup > Non Manifold geometry (tick the box)

Select UV > Unfold Options. Apply

Any Holes that may be left – Select and Move & Sew edges.

Delete History and duplicate the mesh.

Triangulate the mesh by going to Mesh > Triangulate.

Export the tri version and save it as “Low Tri”

Select the vertexes and select the move options and change the drop down box to “Normal”

Export the selection – save it as “Cage”

Got to Xnormal and add the mesh in low poly, add the cage mesh, save as “Tri Cage”.

Make sure the Bucket Size is set at 32 and the Padding is at 16. Tick the “Normal” and “Ambient Occlusion” boxes.

Click the options icon [ooo] and turn the check box off and rename with “OS”.

Delete the faces/UV for the unseen pieces of the cave.

File > Export Selection

Enter Quixel, upload the mesh and select smart material for your final desired texture.