Another week, another bunch of assets modelled and unwrapped. However during this week, more time was put towards the other projects in preparation for group work and other content. I still managed to reach the weekly target of 8 assets. (Having an early project start allows a slower and steady ensured progress.)

The assets this week are:

– Crate

– Desk

– Drinks Machine

– Fridge

– Jerry Can

– Keypad

– Lamp

– Laptop

I need to go back and research more objects that exist within the three environments, creating mood board, mind maps and playing existing games will be necessary to attain as much data to convince me that the assets are needed in the corresponding environment.. Until I am satisfied with the amount of assets apparent in the levels, I will be dedicating certain weeks creating a set of 8 minimum. Looking at the progress chart, I am still on track with extra time but I still feel I am not dedicated to the project entirely due to the other conflicting work based issues from other projects.