Week 6 has brought more asset building as this is one of the main things that need to be fulfilled throughout the course of the project. I aim targeting to have at least 50 assets ready to place into the environments, filling it out and defining its location more.

If I have time to quickly make up free mock NPCs and import animations to interact with the items, this will increase to life of the map.  At this moment in time, modelling and unwrapping correctly will be crucial to ensure a smooth texture is applied to each of the assets.

These are assets this week I modelled and unwrapped:

– Camera

– Canteen Cabinet

– Canteen Table

– Canteen Tray

– Cargo Container

– Clipboard

– Cone

– Cooker

This week post is smaller as it reiterates many points in last weeks post but the amount of work has been the same, which is still on target. As a result, I am delighted with the asset progress of 16.