Week 5 starts off with dedicated modelling of assets that will be textured and placed in the environment, in the engine. Since assets are typically small and placed no larger than the environment, I can scale them in the engine as long as the texture is of high lossless quality. This week, I will be reading on texture techniques used in Quixel (which can be viewed in Documentation) while modelling and unwrapping a few assets, ready for texturing in the upcoming weeks (initial weeks of texturing will be slower, testing out Quixel and Substance Painter).

As expected, Autodesk Maya will be used to design, model and unwrap the assets. During my research texturing week, I modelled and unwrapped 8 assets:

– 9mm Bullet

– Barrel

– Bunk Bed

– Bin

– Blast Panel

– Bomb

– Book

– Cabinet

The process (which is located in Documentation) can explain exactly how I model, unwrap and texture.

Another on target week and happy with the progress of the project. I am trying to make these assets as realistic as possible without compromising memory usage so many assets are low poly, ready to have 512 MB, 1024 MB or 2048 MB textures quality which will be suitable for the distance view of the player to object.