To fully understand Quixel and how to create a smooth and fast workflow when operating it, following a few tutorials, and exploring each part of the software is needed. I started off with follow the basics of texture editing on Quixel, using ID maps and exports, saving memory in game. 

Once I successfully textured a few assets via Quixel, I moved onto looking at other parts of the software; such as the DDO painter, following a tutorial, understanding what each tool and mask allows me to perform creatively. Creating and painting textures allows unique designs to give the object definition and background. The tutorial shows how to professionally use the DDO Painter efficiently.



More reference videos I followed, testing different method, depending on the asset in question.

Since Unity 5 is the choice of engine, it would be appropriate to see existing uses of Quixel in relation to the Engine. 



Weapons are a key feature within SITUATION so looking at how to correctly apply textures via DDO on weapons is necessary.