For this week, the plane environment sketches have been developed to accommodate the third level of the game. The plane environment consists of:

Cargo Hold


Second Class

First Class




All these areas will be explored during the course of the mission, and if time, while neutralising the enemies as fast as possible. I feel the layout of this plane will be crucial to a tactical, close quarters game play if it is used in part of a game.

The plane blocking out was easy to do with very little issues, abiding to the correct scale and dimensions of the player controller. Since I’ve “booleaned” holes as windows for the plane, similar to the train, I will need to figure how to move the sky-box and repeat moving entities like clouds to provide the optical illusion of the plane moving. Since the player will never see the outside of the plane, there does not need to be any major dedication to the UV’s/ textures or poly count. The wings may be visible by the player, therefore I will need to make sure they are in satisfactory condition.

Here are some screenshots of the plane’s Cargo Hold, Corridors, Office Area, First and Second Class, Kitchen and Cockpit.

Another week, another on target job completed. I had a few days free to focus on many separate projects and learn more on Quixel and Substance Painter. Check the Documentation section for more information on Research and new methods during the course of the project.