The third week of the project revolves around building the second of the three environments – the passenger train. Since the blocking of this environment is too simple for the week, I dove straight in and free modelled (using references from Google) the basis of a train and “booleaned” gaps on the side for the doors and windows, which have also been modelled in the week as well. Since on the development side, the train carriages are literally a copy and paste, I decided to create a few assets to dedicate the time on this level still (this way I stay on target of the tracker – dedicating a week solely on each level design). 


Since the level starts with the player deployed on the train exploring across carriages, defeating enemies (if the project time allows the mechanics to be available). The train consists of many carriages with different arrangement of assets creating varying cover as the player progresses through the level. They will not know where to go to hide as the cover locations will be switched.

Since this week as been on target (and more, allowing progress on other projects). I am delighted that everything is on track thus far. I have one more environment to block out/ model before the texturing process occurs.