Continuing from last weeks process, I have started to fully block out the Aircraft Carrier outside and inside. This is the week’s main task, to scale and proportion the level in accordance with the player model. As seen below, original blueprints are used to recreate the level as closely as possible using Autodesk Maya. This process to block out takes only a few hours to get the size corrections and proportions so the rest of the time was used to create the gaps in the walls (poly Cubes) to attain for the doors that were modelled within the same week due to their importance to the player controller and size of the environment.



Here are a selection of screenshots depicting of the Flight Deck, inside corridors and stairways, Crew Quarters, Canteen, Shooting Range and various takes and angles of inside and outside of the first environment.

I am satisfied with the progress, as it provided little to no complications when blocking out and altering the dimensions where needed. The layout of the environment has followed the original plan too, which makes the following pieces to fit correctly. The smoothness of this week has give me bonus allotted extra time; allowing me to focus on assets that should be added to the environment shortly after the texturing process and fill out the map, giving it more definition and backstory. The texturing stage will be in a few weeks time and will be fulfilled by using Quixel Suite 2.0 (a new software.) Since this is a new software, I will be expecting issues revolving around the usage of the software and a “Trial and Error” period, testing out the results of the textures that are baked from the NDO Quixel Suite.