Just before the designing process, I would have to decide what locations should be selected to be used as part of the experience of Project Cypher. For the first environment, the player will be using a naval aircraft carrier to insert and deploy strategically across the world (to other environments). The player will be able to walk about on the flight deck and go inside into the ship to explore and see what other sections of the map are available to them.

This will include the Crews Quarters, Canteen, Briefing Room, Armoury and Bridge as the main components to the inside of the Aircraft Carrier.

The second environment will set the player upon a moving train where they will need to move through carriage by carriage, scanning for any threats that may be aboard the locomotive. From a development side, a train seems a simple “Copy and Paste”, therefore I will be designing multiple variants of the carriages to show different aesthetics. If the second process of the project is in reach (making a game), the player will have no knowledge of where the cover is from incoming projectiles as the layout of each carriage will be different from the last.

The third area will be placed within a large privately custom owned jumbo jet. There will be side rooms such as toilets and an executive boardroom to consider exploring. With short narrow areas and corridors to consider, the player will have to be careful and check the corners to make sure there are not any enemies hiding.



Planning the layout for the first level will be the best course of action to start with the project. Having an idea drawn out will allow me to creatively mould the layout if there deems any changes as the weeks go on. As the project develops, assets will need to be modelled, textured and  rendered in engine.

I have a personal monthly plan of tasks to track my project as the weeks go by, updating here every week on the additional improvements and tasks that I have completed. Engine testing is a key thing here as I want the best possible aesthetics and visuals for the project as priority so I will be trying out a range of engines such as Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4 and CRYENGINE to see which perform the best.

As there are other projects, weekly posts are likely to fluctuate dependant on when I am dedicating more efforts to other work outside of the project.