Today is officially announced by JJ Studios as the starting date of developing the game only known as SITUATION. This project will last throughout the course of 10 months to evolve into the final representation.

This project is based of a typical First Person Shooter from the games I have experienced. The main goal to this project is to develop 3 fully fledged dynamic environments to be able to immerse in. This will also act as a working media portfolio for viewers to understand how extensive my skills can perform within 3D environments.

The second optional goal will to develop further into the environments, turning the environment into a working map for the player to actually perform tasks in. Creating a prototype game to send out to the industry to test. Plenty of assets will be created to fill out the environment to help it make it more realistic and dynamic.

Upon developing the game, I will be using new software to enhance the quality of the production and extend my personal knowledge of inputs. The three main software I will be testing are:

Cry Engine

Quixel Suite 2.0

Substance Painter

If any of the software doesn’t not either meet my expectations or there is issues using them, I will find other existing software and use that. Any issues and changes will be documented.

The software that will be used as a backup are:

Unity 5

Photoshop CS6


This must be noted that SITUATION is aimed at the environment visuals and designs solely. This is the main target for my project. If there is adequate time to introduce game mechanics, there will be so.